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To Her & Back has given me confidence and made me believe in myself in a way I didn’t think was possible.  When I attended the first Webinar I felt so empowered to be surrounded by such successful women. All of the panelists spoke from their hearts and gave everyone on the webinar very valuable advice. I never felt like any of my questions were dumb or that I wasn’t worth being on the webinar because I am only an admin. All of the women on the webinar did nothing but empower each other and provide other women with the tools to succeed in life. After the webinar, I connected with the amazing panelist on LinkedIn. One of the panelists was Brittany Johnson, I messed her on LinkedIn and expressed to her how thankful I was for all of the great advice she gave on the webinar. She responded quickly with nothing but humbleness and more great advice. I was so in love with the webinar that I went to the To Her & Back website to see if any more webinars were coming up. When I got to the website I felt like I had walked into my favorite store. There are so many amazing things to explore on the website. I got to a section that intrigued me, it was the resume section. I had been on the lookout for someone to help me with my resume for a few weeks. I decided to request more information on the resume surveys.


When I have requested resume services from other companies it takes a few days to hear back, but this was not the case with To Her & Back.  Within hours I got a very detailed response from Brittany telling me to send my resume over. Once I sent it over, Brittany quickly responded with information on the turn around time. Brittany got my resume back to me within days! Every other company I have contacted has over a week's turnaround time. When I got my resume back it was all in red. I felt a sigh of relief! I always felt that my resume needed help and seeing how much time Brittany took to look over my resume and add notes and questions to everything that I wrote I knew that once I was done editing my resume it was going to be amazing! 


It took me a few days to fix my resume, longer than I wanted it to take. Brittany went a step beyond and checked in on me to see if I had any questions. Her checking in on me made me even more motivated to set time aside and indulge myself in editing my resume. Once I started to review her notes I started to realize that I did a lot of amazing and important things in my jobs that I had not included in my resume. It made me emotional because I am always very critical of myself for still being an admin, I have always felt like I am not where I want in life. Just by Brittany’s comments on my resume, it made me realize that I had done some important things in my jobs and it made me feel successful. 


After I finished editing my resume I felt like it needed more help structure-wise than when I first started. Once I send it over to Brittany she suggested we get on a call to discuss my resume. I was excited about this call because I knew I was not the best at expressing myself in words. When Brittany and I got on the phone call I felt like I was talking to a mentor I had known for years. Brittany made me feel very comfortable discussing all of my job roles, I never felt like any of my job roles were too small while I was talking to her. I have always been extremely conscious of myself and felt I am not doing enough to advanced my career. When I talked to Brittney it only reminded me to be more proud of myself and that my hard work is paying off. She gave me advice and tips on how she advanced in her career, she told me programs that would be beneficial for me to learn, for that I am extremely thankful.


I have never had anyone motivate me like Brittany, I don’t have anyone in my family that went to college or works in corporate America. I also don’t have many mentors because I felt like if I ask people for advice I would be bothering them. Brittney became the mentor I needed in life and I never felt like I was bothering her. She congratulated me on all of the amazing things that I have done in my work career and told me I was beyond admin and intro roles. No one had ever encouraged me and believed in me the way that Brittany has. To Her and Back is more than just a resume and career service, it is truly a program that empowers women. Brittney reminded me to challenge myself and to realize my self-worth. 


I knew that my resume was in good hands because not only was Brittany and amazing writer but she also utilized all the tools she had to ensure that my resume had the language that was needed for the industry I wanted to join. Again, she quickly got my resume back to me within days. Brittany also went a step beyond and looked over my LinkedIn and provided a lot of helpful advice on how to make my LinkedIn stand out. She helped me with my title and summary section. She also suggested skills that I was missing on my profile.  When I opened and reviewed my resume I felt like a million bucks. I recommend To Her and Back and Brittany's resume services to everyone that I know. Not only does Brittany look over your resume but she ensures that you have all the tools needed to advance in your career. I am very excited to start applying for new jobs and to start my new chapter in my professional career. 

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