Women Work Wonders Panelist: Meet Brittany Johnson

Happy to have Brittany Johnson, Sr. Product Manager at Motorola Solutions be 1 of 6 panelist to be part of our exciting online event.

Quote best describing her journey:

"Define your own lane then build an army of supporters."

You may not have all the skills that your colleagues have and that's OK. In fact, how you present yourself or build relationships with others may be your strength. Capitalize on what people respond to you for and because you're known for that particular strength, you'll begin finding colleagues who will assist you in areas that are not as strong. The key is not being a master at everything but strengthen those key areas you are good and leveraging relationships that will give you visibility to others in order to grow your brand.

Make sure to sign up for our online event happening April 30th at 7pm on Zoom. Link will be shared as we approach closer to the date of the event. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for daily postings.

Visit Brittany's profile on LinkedIn.

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