Women Work Wonders Panelist: Meet Allaina Roberson

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Happy to have Allaina Roberson, Portfolio Manager at Beam Suntory be 1 of 6 panelist to be part of our exciting online event.

Quote best describing her journey:

"When the music changes, so must your dance." - Elaine Welteroth

If never before this quote reflects what any woman employee, business owner, entrepreneur should do. Some in the industry may call this pivoting, but the reality is as things shift, which they often do as we advance in technology and developing problem-solving solutions, things that once were the path or approach to those solutions are no longer such.

Even within a pandemic - your personal strategy must change: what industry should you work in, what skills have I developed that can be transferable, how am I making a sustainable future within the workplace and outside the workplace. Because what you do outside the workplace can also have an impact on your career path.

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Visit Allaina's profile on LinkedIn.

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