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Why Your Wardrobe Is Key To Selling Your Brand

I've never been in the business of being boring. So I left my clothes do the wild talking for me. When I first left college I used to shop at some of the more thriftier stores that are no longer around until I realized not investing into my work attire caused more headache than what I was looking for. Getting rips, non-lasting apparel that I began to rely on for my day to day work look.

I eventually explored new brands like Ann Taylor and such that were more expensive than what I was used to while also becoming a master at finding great clothes with good deals.

But that was no longer enough. The moment you walk through the door the first thing people see is what you wear and having been on both sides of the interviewing table, it can become pretty obvious for those who have really taken the time to care about their appearance.

Now granted work attire has changed a lot, but not everyone is working in tech or any job that has a laid back environment along with a laced dress code. And even more so with some industries you still need to bring your A game.

Here's the thing - I used to be a tom boy and then I transitioned to someone who took the time to purchase an array of styles no matter what position I held. My interview clothes were always dresses and when you are going for the higher paid roles, you really need to interview, sell yourself and look the part. You are en entire package not 1/2.

These pictures I have shown are to provide examples of how you can still feel confident, look great, maintain your own style and still be a leader that others look to or consider a vital colleague.

Our "wardrobe" service "Stand Out and Fit In is to help take a look at what you have in your closet, understand what is your style and advised on some pieces to purchase, what you may need to buy for certain roles and help your college or a section of it match the image you are selling.

If you are ready and are serious about the net move in your career, book our wardrobe service!

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