Speaking For Change & Yourself

Just in the recent months alone, much has shaped our country, tested our levels of division.

As Americans it is important that we speak up when we see something that is wrong.

The levels of protest, the act of pressuring for change is a monstrous duty but sheds light on how important it is to speak your voice, and to do so loudly. Unafraid of critiques, unafraid to go against the norm, all while demanding action for something better, something greater and more impactful across an entire nation of all ethnicities and cultures.

Demanding change can be frightening, but what we are witnessing across the news, and in the streets, is the very foundation of our nation and at the the very core of our strength that makes us better, makes us stronger to be better, and live a better life for not just ourselves but for others around us.

But let us not forget, women play a vital role in this country too. Women are strong supporters of one another and other genders. While we still stand to receive lesser pay, we work hard, and fight our way to be seen, to be bold and dominate fields with passion often only occupied by men.

The level of passion and emotion we have at this moment for justice should be the same for our career and self care. Speak up for a salary increase, speak up when you are untreated fairly, speak up for a better position. Don't wait for that one moment to trigger the urge for change, demand change now.

The same level of commitment we make to join our fellow man for change and justice, we must demand the same commitment in the workplace from our fellow man to help drive change.

While inequality is a real issue, mental health is as well. Women juggle many roles in and outside of work. It's important to take a break. Step away.

And as women we have to realize we can't always do it all. We have to know when to let others do it for us, or simply don't do it at all.

So to all the protestors, and to those wanting change - what a great time to be in America, knowing you can demand change and be heard!

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