Selling A Bad Brand Is Like Being Sold A Bad Car: 3 Tips You Need To Know

Your Resume is your brand, your way of being seen and heard, so why copy and paste so lazily to not sell yourself? Would you want someone to sell you an item that appeared to have little thought or effort....I don't think so.

People have made many mistakes on their resume, so let's address a few of them.

1. Do not re use the same words. If you take a look at the graphic above you will see that some of them mean the same thing, but a different action verb is used. Always lead your sentences or bullet points with having done something.

Lead a team vs While in this role I lead.

The second phrase - It doesn't quite roll of the tounge as sharply nor does it sound sharp and direct as if this person knows what they are doing. These are the thinking that many employers must consider when reading your resume. Why did you spend extra time adding additional words to your resume when you could have been succint and to the point to state what you did. You know what that reads? Someone who coud be unsure in the job, long winded and not sharp enough to respond to situations quickly.

Liking these tips so far? Let's keep going.

2. Some people think if they just bold every other word, that will be a slam dunk on the point they are trying to get across, NO WAY JOSE! Not a chance. In fact, there's also times where people will bold the same word, showing no strategy. So here's how you bold effectively. And get this - you should liken this exercise to a creative time where you had to design a poster - you knew what effective areas needed to stand out and be bold - apply the same rules here.

We're talking % percentage examples, a couple action verbs that really demonstrate your skill range, i.e. Resolved, Developed. If needed you can bold your famous first and last name. Keep it limited and simple. The less ostentatious, the more you can stand out. Quite opposite approach of any "going out" rules.

3. Dates. Dates are important because it's another strategy advantage depending on how you use it. Let's highlight.

Dec 2019 - Dec 2020


12/2/2019 - 12/16/2020


12/19 - 12/20

Do you see any difference that stands out to you?

In short, when you only include month and year - it gives you a chance to hide when you officially left a company so your term length doesn't appear shorter or questionable. It also gives you wiggle room to look for jobs and appear to be working when you are not when you use a month description instead of giving an actual date.

If you decide you want to use the entire month, date and year, that is fine too...but depending on how you have "margined" your resume, it will run over onto the second page, not cute at all my dear.

So there you have it. Great tips you can use now to update your resume and be a step ahead of others who have not had a chance to read this helpful guide. Cheers.

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