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Resume Dont's to Avoid Getting Rejected

Everyone knows how important their resume is. Even if you know someone who can help you get your foot in the door to a new job, you still need to pass the resume test.

While many candidates may apply for a job, only few will qualify because of their resume and then being able to speak about their experience is what leads you to an offer.

So in order to avoid any pitfalls especially during a time like now, you'll want to avoid doing the following:

1. Don't copy & paste the job responsibilities you list for one company and add to another. It's a sure sign that you are being dishonest and merely padding your resume to get a job without the experience.

2. Avoid having 10 pages to your resume. The limit should be 3. And while some depending on they length of experience are more inclined to want to show all what they've done, if the job is not relevant it won't help. Instead try summarizing the last few years or so to avoid needing to dedicate a number of pages. This allows you to focus more on your current position as this would be the reason why you were contacted with interest for the role in the first place.

3. Don't over use bolding keywords. While this is a very strategic habit to practice, it should only be used in areas that call attention to times where you, i.e. increased, impacted, improved, drove sale, reduced, etc. the projects goals or met specific benchmarks.

4. Would you hire someone you works as a nurse but applies for a mechanic job when they have no prior experience. No, and due to safety standards that must be followed they would be required to know the appropriate guidelines and regulations to repair your car.

Point is - don't submit your resume if you have a background that has no relation at all to the job you are applying for.

Employers and their HR reps do read and view candidate's resumes. If you want a chance to be considered, apply for roles that you know you can perform and have some related experience.

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