Q&A: Tactics Used to Foster Diversity & Inclusion

Valuing your team is very important. The way you foster diversity and inclusion is by speaking up to recommend your friend of color or of a different gender and background than what might be represented in the company, and give them a chance to bring their abilities to the team. That's the first start, leveraging your network power.

Next, celebrating individuals performance, recognizing their hard work on a project and showing your appreciating by suggesting they work from home or take a day off is a great step in the right direction.

Also, the word team and constantly repeating that is a critical matter to uplifting the spirits of your team members. If someone is overloaded, or if there's a conflict, you have to let your team know that everyone is in it togethe. You all share the burden and helping out one another is important. But also show appreciation, have team outings. All of these are great ways to foster inclusion and diversity.

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