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Q&A: How To Manage Issues of Not Feeling Competent in Your Job Compared to Others

Everyone is uniquely different and that's OK, we should be.

And while some may have greater advantages than you based on school and experience, don't focus on that. Everyone has a weakness, no one is perfect. Some are better are hiding it very well.

In fact, focus on the strengths you know you have, for instance communication or writing. And build on those strengths while also networking and building a relationship with colleagues. If you ask for assistance they will help you or direct you to someone who can. Don't be afraid to ask for access to artifacts within the companies archives, in order to see past examples of what other individuals have done for certain assignments or tasks.

Always use google image to your advantage. Whatever you don't know you can find the answer online.

The key here is to not focus on areas you lack because then you will mistakingly make that highlighted for others can see. Instead focus on your strengths and building them, finding ways to shine based on what you are good at. If you can do that, you'll then be able to connect with people who can help you along the way with things you don't know.

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