Q&A: How to Find Professional Opportunities & Social Media Etiquette

Updated: May 6, 2020

If you're interested in blogging, marketing or even education - "who you know" still holds true to how positions are filled. Now get this - many employers constantly ask their employees if there's anyone they know who could be recommended for a job that is open within the company. And I'm sure you would be thrilled to know that individual who could refer you to a job. But that's just one aspect of it.

So you're wondering, "How do I get started?". People have email addresses for a reason, and cold calling is still a great tool. Seek out events or articles or people you admire and look them up. Find their email address or reach out to them on LinkedIn. Hundreds of recruiters are seeking out potential candidates daily to fill jobs, why should it be any different for you. Out of many messages sent, they receive a few responses and 1 candidate that turns out to be a perfect fit. Reach out to recruiters or individuals you admire or have a similar position you want to hold. It's a proven method that has helped individuals receive job opportunities. Next, your resume is your brand, your form of advertisement, so post it on job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed and you're bound to receive calls. Not all the jobs will be a good fit but it will definitely be a great way for you to start building a network of contacts who could reach out to you later on when the right job comes.

And even during the hardest time of an economy such as this, there's always an opportunity to be found.

Social Media is important, but different employers research out for different reasons: to review your portfolio or artwork, what type of presence are you maintaining online, what companies have you worked for and does it align with your resume.

Maintain a professional profile for LinkedIn and utilize your privacy settings for Facebook, that way employers can only view what you want them to see if they are not friends with you.

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