How To Transition Jobs: From One Industry to Another

You are in control of your career and at times professionals feel stuck or helpless when working in a job they find they do not like and want to try something else.

There's nothing wrong with testing the waters, you are allowed to do that. It happens as professionals figure out what will interest them the most and make them fulfilled.

How you go about doing this in an effective manner is key.

  1. Always research the jobs you think you might want to do. But then the question becomes how do I determine that? Listen to our podcast on this very topic. Not all jobs are created equal so it's important to understand what a job requires and what their duties are to know if that's where you want to transition and leveraging those transferrable skills are key too. More on transferrable skills in this episode of our podcast.

  2. Research what the market is looking for. For instance, healthcare is huge right now and there's different levels or job types that can be worth looking into. Always pay attention to the current economic conditions to understand what is driving industry need.

  3. Connections go a long way that is why talking to other professionals in desired industries will be most helpful. They can tell you what skills you need, what the work environment is typically like. As some industries mores than others may require a longer commitment of work hours.

  4. Once you've done all the above steps you just apply for those jobs and in your cover letter tell them the WHY. Why you are looking to transition and what you are looking to gain from switching industries besides a paycheck, job security or simply put a job. Give more insight about who you are and you'll be surprised at how successful your attempt at jumping industries can be.

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