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Q&A: How To Stand Out During An Interview

Job interviews can be the most daunting things to experience when you are starting out or hoping to land that desired role. If you're wondering how to stand out, read the below tips:

1. Presentation is everything. How you present yourself through your attire and neat appearance can make an impact. Your goal is to have interviewers not focus on any negatives, but focus on the qualities you bring. You are an entire package so making sure appearance, communication and description of examples to show how you will be a perfect fit are all important.

2. Do you appreciate meeting someone that shares a similar interest as you, like attending the same college or having stayed in the same dorm? Of course, and it's a great ice breaker moment.

The key is to research your interviewer to determine if they have any shared interest as yourself and start the conversation off by saying so during your interview. This puts them at eases as you can tell by their body language

3. Appear energetic and smile. How you gel with the team is an important factor and besides understanding your skills and how you handle situations, the interviewer is trying to asses how great of a fit you can be for the team, and how well you will mix with the existing personalities. Smile and look confident and energetic - it can be the determining factor between you and another candidate to get the job.

4. Find ways to drive the conversation into the direction most advantageous to you. For example, if you have weaknesses you don't want highlighted, then make sure you have reviewed the job description and know your resume and find examples of how your experience relates to the problem they are trying to solve.

If you find that what the employer is looking for is something you have already done well at another company then talk about it. Drive the conversation by immediately speaking about your background and diving into examples of what you done that resonates with the person they are looking for.

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