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How Has The Pandemic and Protest Affected Your Work Environment?

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Let's be honest - this year has been a complete whirlwind of discomfort, confusion and scariness. Between working at home or venturing outside with potential risk of exposure - I don't think anyone truly feels certain or content with their current situation.

It's important to know that if you are currently working to use this time to asses your organization's strength: depending on their industry - how insulated are they from this pandemic. Think of it this way - it's always a good habit to try and broaden the industries you work in to easily move around. Some industries during a pandemic such as this fare well than other such as healthcare, foodservice such as McDonald's or those with different dining options such as a drive-thru.

Too often when we start our careers we become narrow minded and so focused on a specific position that we forget other important factors to consider in building our career strategy: industry, location and the companies sustainability.

You want to be someone who can look ahead and have an idea of changes that could be made in your organization to prepare your decision on staying or making a move.

Comment and share your thoughts below. Have you considered adapting or paying closer attention to companies and their sales model to know how likely they can sustain during an uncertain economy?

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