Delegation & Getting Others To Do Your Work: How To Be Effective In Your Job

As you work throughout your career, you'll hear many say "Work Smart, Not Harder." But for many you're not sure what that means when the work is constantly piling up on your desk and you have deadlines and limited staff.

Here's the thing, you'll also over hear managers say how the key is to have others do the work. Well, in reality that is true, but not as blunt and deliberate as that statement.

Realize you are not going to be nor are you good at everything. Even if you were and that became known across the team, you'll be looked upon to pitch in for many areas and tasks, which could limit your time to have a normal life outside of work.

Delegate tasks that someone has given you, by asking others for assistance. From having brainstorming meetings, bartering, to holding impromptu meetings to get insight from another on how a project could be done - when you bring others knowledge in to assist you with completing projects this frees up the amount of time you would spend to get the task completed. Relationship building is key and it's important to remember when you are working on a team with others, to understand their roles and capabilities in order to know who to call upon for questions around a project.

When you're working on a team and there's more than yourself reporting to a manager, don't be afraid to use your relationships to seek guidance. Any manager expects their team to work together. Where one may lack in one area, they expect their teammate to pitch in and help for the betterment of the team.

The other advantage is that this gives you a better spotlight because now it shows you can: work well with others, are observant and strategic when it comes to relationship building and knowing the right players to ask for help, and lastly understand the setup of the organization and teams.

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