Create Options For Your Career: Contract vs Full-Time

You can not build a career without identifying the different paths you can take to get there. Most successful people consider different industries, job titles and contracting instead of seeking full-time roles to help them climb up the ladder.

When you're looking to build your career, contracting has been a great avenue for high-earners because while it's riskier due to your job being a temporary role, more often than not if you perform well you'll be asked to stay on longer or receive an offer to become permanent. Contracting tests your ability to adapt, address issues quickly with a solution and adjust to different work environments.

Full-time roles should never be overlooked but there are times for certain roles where you may become hindered due to the narrow focus of your role. It then becomes imperative you build relationships and gain visibility through the projects you're assigned in order to gain exposure across teams and build a case for promotion.

Job Titles are only that, titles. Just because a title doesn't ring familiarity with what you're looking to do doesn't mean it won't provide you the right opportunity and more for you to grow. Always study the job description to understand the bare minimum duties you'll be assigned to do since not everything will be captured in the job description itself.

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