Career Search - Working During A Downward Economy: What The Heck Am I Gonna Do?

WAKE UP PEOPLE!! And seriously women what are you doing? Yes, we have a pandemic, a nobody-wants-crisis on our hands and you would absolutely think just that quickly for a split second that jeesh what am I going to do: I have bills to pay, I was hoping to buy that sleek new car I've been saving up for and OMG, I literally just moved out of my parents house so I would no longer need to depend on them. I guess they're not going to be too happy of the news that I need to come back.

Here's the thing...this happened already guys. Remember, 2008? Some of you may remember and others, maybe not if you were too busy daydreaming about school crushes and being annoyed with all these grown ups running around.

Here's the thing - it totally happened to me and I actually benefited from it quite well.

In fact, I used that time to think about how much I should not go into an industry that is volatile and greatly impacted by a crisis when advertisers stop paying to advertise.

So instead, I took up freelancing. Yeah - I did, because I knew it would brush up my writing skills, help me earn cash and expose me to other industries, contacts and job opportunities.

While I did this it also gave me time to really study the market and type of job postings out there. Knowing the type of jobs that employers are looking for is key. If they are asking for A and B but you only know A, now would be a good time for you to pick up on those additional skills. Now I understand many default to a training class, and you can do that or simply research and take up freelancing to be hired to use that skill as practice, depending on the experience level and company.

It's imperative you use this time to really sit back and see what areas are growing. I was someone who had many different jobs at the right time to help me pivot during times of a struggling economy. From writing, to public relations, account manager, project manager and product manager and many in-betweens. It allowed me to better flow against the current of changes and that's what you need to do and that's why we are here to help.

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