Are you running to those job lines like you do to get into a club or bargain shop?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I got two sad news to report to you: 1. you're going to be laid off, 2. you're going to take a massive salary cut.

That's not exciting news to wake up to so here's how you can prevent that sad news from becoming true. And by the way it may be a secret or very known but it's a smart tactic I use all the time.

Start looking RIGHT NOW. Heres the thing, companies can make whatever decision without any emotion, failing to recognize the impact to someone who has a family or is sick. Unless you have a manager who is in tune with it's staff and has a say so in making the cuts you are likely to not remain on payroll for simply the need of slashing budgets.

But let's be honest waiting until the very last minute when you are then entering a massive pool of thousands or millions of people vying for the same job is just not cool.

When you want to show up to buy a really cute clothing item that is on sale and you know everyone else knows, you research to figure out how to gain access to this deal before everyone else. Well, ding ding you got it. Its the same thing you must do with your job.

The key is to apply a strategy to job searching as you would to any other activity outside of work. Let's review:

  1. Search for recruiting and consulting agencies in your area. For example BarTech or Apex works with a specific short list of clients that range in Fortune 500, and mostly tech. Find out by calling or connecting with a recruiter on LinkedIn to understand the companies they work with to give you an edge on where to submit your resume, and be one of the first to know about unposted jobs before it's released to job boards.

  2. Let recruiters know you are passively looking. This reduces the appearance you are overly eager and desperate to land a job because you are not in one. Another tactic is to always appear as if you are finding out what companies are doing to determine if you want to make a move. This strategy is to play hard to get. When you're appear to not be in the market you will find a job easily as oppose to the reverse.

Lastly, always stay open and always look no matter if you are in a job or not. This allows you to understand the job market need, what jobs are open and what salary is being offered to help you negotiate for a better salary.

Have you been using these tactics? Comment below.

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