A 2020 Version of a Job Fair: WomenHack Event - What To Do If You Attend

If you are not aware of this event, I encourage you to sign up and attend. It's invite only but you can register to receive the invite. They have a massive following on Facebook as well.

Mostly attended by women as the name suggest, WomenHack puts you in front of different employers of varying company sizes: agencies, start-ups and fortune 100 companies is a huge plus.

What you could have expected when everything was in-person is a speed-dating style interview. You're told what companies are participating, you stand in this jigsaw of a line to a conference room or cram into the hallway waiting for your turn to present your 60 second elevator pitch for the company you want.

If some of you are not aware of what that is, think of it as a a catchy jingle that lets people know why they should invest interest in you.

I received a job instantly when I attended this during my first attendance. How did I get it exactly? It's the good ole' Play Hard To Get approach.

Instead of going in asking for a job, I went in as someone who wasn't looking but merely scouting them out to see what the job market was looking for.

I have learned over the years you are much better off appearing taken and actively working then someone who is not. Employers like individuals who are already employed because it shows you are doing something right and what better reward is it for them to still a top talent from another company and add them to their roster.

Here's your chance to do that each and every time you are presented with an option to network and meet potential employers to work for. Sell yourself as someone who is confident, and not desperate. They can smell it a mile away in your answers, body language and reaction.

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