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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I was raised and surrounded by 3 strong women: My grandmother, a southern cotton-picker; My Aunt, a prom queen and most popular in her class; and My mother, a go-getter banker who was the life of a party! Each one taught me something different: be a hard worker despite your limitations and disadvantages; how to dress and present myself as a woman with confidence; and putting education and career first to surpass my peers.​


Out of pure necessity to succeed and scared of what my life would become if I failed and became nothing, I studied at Purdue University and built my career obtaining various key roles working in Manufacturing, Hospitality, Transportation and the Healthcare industry at CVS, Motorola, Hyatt, Allstate, Navistar and GE Transportation based in Chicago within Tech. During this time I received my MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, which led me to pursuing my lifelong desire of entrepreneurship. To provide career advice that is relatable and enriching to the community. Motivation and support is a key factor in driving success. I am here to provide just that.




At every corner there's a talented woman ready to conquer her career. To Her & Back brings together women of different backgrounds, economic and profession to crystallize their inner strengths all while feeling empowered, inspired and uplifted through proven resources and tools to help become their best at every moment in their career.


An innovative community-based resource for women, helping them navigate through the highs and lows of their professional career.



Pick a year and read on from there!

2008 - I graduated from Purdue University during the 2008 housing crash. Began freelancing & became published in fashion magazines. 

2010 -  I pivoted from Fashion PR/Advertising to Project Management.


2011 - Increased my salary by 145% and became a product consultant for Fortune 50 companies.


2014 - Completed my MBA Degree in Business Administration; was diagnosed with MS, which propelled me to start traveling to my bucket list destinations. 

2015 - After networking in my MBA program, I landed a role with CVS and again increased my salary by 45%.

2018 - Was offered my dream job, turned it down to remain in the existing position I had at the time. Had regret, and realized this was the time to start my entrepreneurship goal: speak to women like me and those who want to get to where I have successfully and creatively gotten. So I started BrittanyKnows, became a real estate investor, all while working Full-Time.


2019 - Acquired SeeingThngs and Founded To Her & Back to help women on their career journey through a community of women.

2020 - There's so much to do in serving women - I can't wait to provide more of those great options, which are all in the works to come!