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Allison Wise, Account Specialist, Contracts

Working with Brittany was very easy. She didn't just do a simple critique of my resume, she went over and beyond the ask by providing insightful and impactful suggestions. She really highlighted my strengths and catered my resume towards the positions I am seeking. I could tell she really put a lot of thought and care into the feedback she provided.


Elexis Escudero, Journalism & Social Media Student

Hi! I’m Elexis from #BigSisterVlog. I started my blog for people, like me. Growing up, I was always the oldest, helping out those younger than me. I strive to be the guidance I wish I had. When I met Brittany, I was instantly drawn to her. She’s the role model I wish I had growing up. I opened up to Brittany about my dreams. I asked her for guidance on what major I should complete in college. I also had a few job offers and Brittany helped choose a job that aligned with my life-long dreams. She reaffirmed what I felt was the right path in my heart; without me even telling her! I am truly lucky to have Brittany in my life as a mentor. I strive to be like Brittany. She has earned my trust. I am grateful that Brittany opened up her coaching business, she is extremely successful, and I have learned so much from her already. I am confident she will continuously lead me in the right direction when we start putting my dreams into action steps. 



Nguyen Tuyen, IT Recruiter

First time I met Brittany was at her online event and found out how wonderful and friendly she was when hosting the event. She is a warm-hearted, dedicated and passionate person. Working with Brittany in her help for my career and job opportunities in foreign country, I was so pleased and thankful for her dedication and details in providing information. Additionally, Brittany is a strong and inspiring woman for not only myself but women in general.