When I was busy building my career, I came to a funny conclusion that I didn't see a fun and inviting space to help build women and actually guide them in their careers. You can learn more about me here. Besides having our parents be there for girly, and later, womanly advice, when you move out into this busy big bustling world that can make or break you - you don't have anyone to guide you. And for some of us, when you are the first generation of graduate or a career success, you are truly left fending for yourself.


And at that moment - I wanted to make this fascinating community for women. While we are still growing and moving past our infant stage of birth, we are thrilled to bring to you fascinating women of all backgrounds to share with you the advice you need for a myriad of situations: let downs, promotions, challenging co-workers, and so much more! So, please look around. As we have services to help guide you, blog posts on advice from different career situations, and engaging events, this is our community. Providing different ways to help you through each corner, every step of the way.

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